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The Oceanography (compound term from the Greek words ωκεανός – “ocean” – and γράφω – “write” – also known as “Oceanology” or “marine science”) is the branch of Earth Sciences that studies the oceans, with particular regard to biological, geological, chemical and physical processes in which they occur (from Wikipedia).
Inside the IAMC of Oristano oceanography covers both offshore and coastal areas and includes activities both of numerical modeling and experimental in the field.
Oceanographic ship

The experimental work focuses on various aspects of oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea and its sub-basins, with particular attention to the seas around Sardinia and Sicily. The oceanographic data obtained are used to study the geophysical characteristics of the continental shelf, the morpho-bathymetric evolution of coastal areas, the general circulation from the seasonal to the climatic scale, and to validate the numerical forecasting models.

Oceanography at the IAMC of Oristano is divided into three areas described below: the Operational Oceanography, Coastal Modelling, the Sedimenthology and the Coastal Morpho-dynamics.