DE LUCIA Giuseppe Andrea

Qualifica:Primo Tecnologo / Ecosistemi Marini e Lagunari: Biodiversità e Conservazione
Telefono+39 0783 229015
Curriculum vitae:

G. Andrea de Lucia has a PhD in “Ecology and management of biological resources” (University of Tuscia, 2009). He is actually the Research Leader of the “Marine Ecology and Conservation group” at the IAMC-CNR of Oristano. Since many years, Andrea has been focusing his research activities on the conservation and management of the fish fauna and he is actually the Scientific Supervisor of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre (CReS) in Oristano that is part of a Regional Rescue Network, with the engagement of the Sardinian Autonomous Region (RAS) and of the Sardinian MPAs. He has taken part to several European research projects for the study of Marine Protected Areas (EMPAFISH, AMPAMED, MAPUCHE), focusing on the assessment of behavioural indicators for the quantifications of reserve effects on the fish fauna. Previously, he investigated aspects of eco-physiology on fish species carrying out both field and lab activities (ETOFISH, STM).