VESAL Seyed Ehsan

Qualifica:Ecosistemi Marini e Lagunari: Biodiversità e Conservazione
Telefono+39 0783 229015

Dr. Seyed Ehsan Vesal is a Postdoc research fellow at the Institute of Anthropic Impact and Sustainability in the Marine Environment of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IAS, Oristano).
He obtained a Ph.D. in Environmental life sciences (Marine ecology) from the University of Trieste (Italy, 2021) and a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Engineering-Aquatics Proliferation & Breeding from Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch (Iran, 2014). He is currently the holder of a research grant funded by the IAMC-CNR of Oristano and involved in the AZA research project, specifically on issues related to the study of macrofaunal communities and the characterization of the ecological status of lagoon environments.
The main current research activities of Dr. Vesal focus on the study of the coastal ecology and transitional marine environments with particular reference to 1) Biodiversity and distribution of macrozoobenthic populations in relation to natural factors and anthropogenic impacts; 2) evaluation of production, productivity, and transfer efficiency of macrobenthic communities through the food web (ecological models); 3) Application of Biological Traits Analysis (BTA) as a method proposed for describing ecological functioning of marine benthic assemblages; 4) Application of biological indices for the assessment of the ecological and environmental status of marine and transitional waters within the framework of the European Directives (WFD, 2000/60 / EC; MSFD, 2008/56 / EC); 5) Systematic (Taxonomy) and DNA barcoding for macrobenthic invertebrates identification.